Lars Madsen is a German artist based in Hamburg.
His work has been recognized by American Illustration, Creative Quarterly, 3x3 International
Illustration Show, and Communication Arts.

He creates illustrations, animations, and custom letterings for advertisement,
publishing houses, magazines and design clients.


2019 Winner Communication Arts - Award of Excellence
American Illustration 38 - Chosen Winner
3x3 International Illustration Annual No.16 - Merit Winner & Honorable Mention
Creative Quarterly 39 - Runner Up
Creative Quarterly 54 - Runner Up

Publications & Press

Communication Arts Illustration Annual 60
3x3 Illustration Annual No.16
American Illustration 38 Archive
Freistil 5
Freistil 6
Sedbook 15
Zeix Logo Book
Hamburgs Kreative 2015/2016

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