CommArts Award of Excellence

Look what arrived today!

Thank you again Communication Arts and the amazing jury! 🙏 What an honor… This thing is heavy!
My illustration “Farewell” was selected to be published in Communication Arts Illustration Annual 60. My other artwork “Waiting” has been shortlisted.

This years jury included

  • Rina Kushnir, art director, The New Yorker, New York, ny

  • Danielle Carnito, art director, Lerner Publishing Group, Minneapolis, mn

  • Ty Mattson, founder / creative director, Mattson Creative, San Juan Capistrano, CA 

  • Mike Meadus, art director / graphic designer, Calgary, Canada

  • Brian Stauffer, illustrator, Novato, CA


American Illustration 38 Chosen Winner

Just found out that my illustration “Farewell” is an “American Illustration 38” Chosen Winner and will be featured permanently in The Archive juried collection.

This year’s jury included Hannah K Lee (The New York Times), Marianne Seregi (National Geographic), Janet Michaud (Politico), Dennis Huynh (Buzzfeed), Chris Brand (Crown Publishing), Aaron Rinas (Art+Mechanical), and Maria G. Keehan (Smithsonian).

Thank you American Illustration! 🙏